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Advertising Enquiries

We have several advertising options available within our app.

If you’d like to promote your business to our users, please fill in the form below so we can get in touch with you and discuss the details.

Please note that the fees stated below are estimates and may differ based on your exact needs.



Banner Ads

You can advertise your agriculture-related business with banner ads (1280×440 px in size) that link through to your website when tapped on – see the image above for examples of banner ads for “Landbou Produsente”.

  • Estimated Fee (Top-Level Banner): R200 per month
  • Estimated Fee (Sub-Page Banner): R100 per month


Featured Contacts

If you have a company that provides services to the agricultural industry, your contact details can be listed in the app’s “Contacts” section for free. If you’d like to make your contact details stand out from your competitors, you can purchase a Featured Contact listing which causes a star to display next to your entry on the screen – see the image above for examples of what Featured Contacts look like in the app.

  • Estimated Fee (Per Featured Contact Entry): R50 per month


Product Catalogues

If you have a digital (PDF format) catalogue of your agriculture-related products or services, we can list it in the “Products & Services” section of the app.

  • Estimated Fee (1-Page PDF): R300 per month
  • Estimated Fee (5-Page PDF): R500 per month
  • Estimated Fee (10-Page PDF): R800 per month


Push Message Marketing

We can send notifications to app users country-wide or within a specific area that will lead them to a custom page in the app with information about your agriculture-related event or service. Please note that push message marketing is done sparingly so as to not irritate our users – use the form below to send us details about your proposed marketing campaign so we can advise whether we’d be able to provide you with push messages.

  • Estimated Fee (Country-Wide per Message): R2000 once-off
  • Estimated Fee (Province-Wide per Message): R1600 once-off
  • Estimated Fee (City- / Town-Wide per Message): R800 once-off


User Surveys

With several thousand users from all over Southern Africa, we’re able to ask users to complete research & market surveys based on forms that you define for us. Users within specific areas will receive a push notification asking them to complete the survey, and once completed we’ll send the survey results to you.

  • Estimated Fee (Country-Wide Push Message, Survey active for 1 Month): R3000 once-off
  • Estimated Fee (Province-Wide Push Message, Survey active for 1 Month): R2000 once-off
  • Estimated Fee (City- / Town-Wide Push Message, Survey active for 1 Month): R1000 once-off